Vulnerability Framework

The aim of the assessment is to identify the vulnerability of the Carpathian ecosystems and ecosystem based production systems to specific climate change pressures. The main climate pressures that will be considered in this assessment are:

  • Increasing drought tendency
  • Increasing frequency of heat waves
  • Increasing frequency of both winter floods and torrential flood events
  • Other anthropogenic pressures that determine vulnerability (relative to climate change).

A stakeholder group will be invited to participate in the assessment, combining qualitative regional knowledge and quantitative information. The vulnerability assessment process will be based on three main steps:

Step 1: Assessment of the potential climate change impacts on ecosystems and ecosystem based production systems, including:

  • Description of exposed systems (water resources, ecosystems and ecosystem based production systems)
  • Development of a long list of possible consequences of climate change for the ecosystems and sectors
  • Prioritization of climate change trends and impacts, analysis of policy objectives to contribute to selection of impact indicators and impact threshold values.

Step 2: Identification and assessment of potential climate change adaptation measures, focusing on adaptive water management and ecosystem based approaches.

Step 3: Integration of the impact assessment and adaptation assessment along with results from supporting studies into a comprehensive vulnerability assessment.

>> More detail on the scope of the Vulnerability Assessment